What is the importance of passion in your life?

Passion is the intense and emotional desire, enthusiasm or fondness for something. Passion can take many forms including romantic, humanitarian, artistic, and professional. Passion, when healthy, is a harmonious part of our identities.

Every human being has an inherent need, and arguably right, to pursue his or her passion. If you have the soul of an artist, then you should paint; if you have music in your heart, you should compose. To do so is to deny yourself. As the humanistic psychologist Dr. Abraham Maslow stated: “What a man can be, he must be.”

The Passionate Mind Institute is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt institution with a four-part mission:

  • Conduct research in fields of the arts, creativity, and giftedness and talent
  • Provide educational opportunities to the public
  • Develop programs and resources for the benefit of the community
  • Support individuals pursuing their talents and passions through programs such as counseling and talent development

The Passionate Mind Institute is dedicated to the idea that passion is the engine of our desire to self-actualize. The pursuit of our personal passions and the development of our gifts and talents are necessary for our mental health and success in life. By success, we speak not in terms of financial success, but in the success of a life well lived, without regrets, and full of meaningful accomplishments.

The Passionate Mind Institute was established in 2016 to educate the public on the social value and specific needs of gifted, creative, and artistic people in our society; to conduct research in the fields of giftedness, talent, and creativity; to promote community welfare and literacy; and to provide community outreach programs that encourage the development and exploration of individual talents.
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